Children’s Race in Manang

We always stop in Manang Village (elevation 3,519m/11,545ft ) for a day so that we can acclimatize before heading to higher elevations. Following our experiences working with our partner charity Wide Open Vistas which also organizes runs – we partnered up with school, community, and park officials to help organize this race. All participants received a pen for taking part and the winners were able to choose a water bottle to take home as well. Good times were had by all. (actually our fast pack participants had a hard time keeping up with the better-acclimated children…there were some DNFs!) We will do it again next year! Special thanks to Sudeep and Ms. Tshering from Hotel Mountain Lake for organizing this well in advance and making it happen once we were in Manang. Thanks also to fast pack participants and children’s race volunteers: Pablo Cabrera, Stephanie Gundel, Lukas Rådgiver, Dan Letzer, Sonam Shah. We will do this again next year. Hope you are there and hope you can keep up with the children!