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Sudeep (Kathmandu) and Seth (Seattle) met while trail running in Kathmandu in 2013. Recognizing a common interest in exploring the mountains while travelling quick and light – they organized the first Annapurna Circuit fastpack in 2014. Many other adventures have followed, including setting the fastest known time on the Manaslu Circuit together in 2015 (84hrs), scouting the Langtang Circuit from Kathmandu in 2016 (see our event for Spring, 2017), and working toward a better Nepal with the non-profit Wide Open Vistas.

With a vision toward designing and organizing the best fastpacks in Nepal the two co-founded Himalayan Adventure Labs in 2016. Their hope is to help as many people as possible discover the great trails and communities of Nepal.




Sudeep Kandel, Co-lead.

Sudeep is an avid runner and a nature adventurist. He co-founded the Kathmandu Running Club which helps people to get started with running. He has taken part in marathons and ultras in Nepal, India and England. In 2015 he ran the length of Nepal, along with two other friends to support a charity called Sano Prayas which helps orphans go to school. He is a graduate of Development Finance from Kathmandu University and works as a Market Research at Whittaker Associates. He also works with Wide Open Vistas as the country director.



Seth Wolpin, Co-lead.


Seth divides his time between Seattle and Kathmandu. His passion is spending time in the back country, hard slogs, and big mountain views. He holds the Fastest Known Time (FKT) for the Annapurna Circuit in 72 hours and and has been around the circuit six times. Some of his other adventures include climbing Everest in 2011, running solo 3,384 miles across the USA in 2012, and fast packing 1,200 miles of the Great Himalaya Trail across Nepal in 2014. When he is not in the mountains, he conducts health research at the University of Washington as a clinical associate professor. He also volunteers with Wide Open Vistas and with the Refugee Rights Data Project. His personal website is at: www.sethwolpin.com,


2 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. bala

    keep me posted on your runs. I am an ultra runner and recently ran from Khufri to Kaza in 8 days covering a distance of 440 kms. I would like to plan some runs for 2016 in nepal.

  2. swolpin Post author

    Hi Bala – Will do! Remember to keep an eye on our website as well and trailrunningnepal.org. Sounds like a great run you did – let us know if you write up a trip report and we will link to it. Cheers…Seth

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